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Meet the team

Adham EL Sherei

Managing Partner

Adham is part of the operations and development team with a strong achiever spirit. He plans/develops new activities and camps with his colleagues and is always up for a challenge.

Till Jan 2017, Adham was a part of the team building and development team in Egypt at Redrock International. He used to develop new activities with his department colleagues and is always up for a challenge, whether it’s flying to China to acquire a new activity, or working relentlessly in the office to make sure the courses they deliver are to the RRI standards.

He has been in the culture & engagement field of work for around 5 years, and has also worked for a leading telecommunications company in Egypt in previous years.


Insight: Adham is a Scuba diver & a First Aid instructor, he has a vivid interest for exploring the Egyptian deserts and other untouched destinations; Also he played a role with CISV since 2010 till 2014. 

Gasser Farid

Operations Manager

Gasser is part of the operations and development team. He is the man of action, always explores & scouts adventures leading the tribe from one adventure to another.


Gasser has always been living and in love with the Red Sea.
He is an industrial Engineer, also certified as a PADI open water Scuba instructor, EFR instructor, and fitness nutritionist. He used to be the vice president of a Marine construction and Engineering company, developing the Coast of the Red Sea until one day he decided to follow his passion for Adventure.
He is a human dynamo with his Knowledge, perception, coordination, presence and reflexes. He turns dream into reality.

Photography has also been one of his passions throughout his life. He travels around documenting memories and telling stories of happy faces from all over Egypt. 


Insight: Gasser also enjoys squash, calisthenics, volleyball, Photography and He's a Scuba Diving & EFR instructor.

Farida Ramy

Business Development Manager

Farida is part of the business development team. She aims to help our clients discover Egypt's hidden gems and give back to the community. She worked in the field of Development for 11 years, 9 of them were in London, UK. Her scope of work focused on Youth and Women empowerment, through experiential learning.


In 2020, she started Proact, which delivers an extra curricular programme for young people with a mission to help them develop their social conscience whilst supporting local causes they care about. She has also staffed Youth camps with CISV.

Insight: Farida loves diving, whether it's skydiving or diving with turtles. She's also into rowing, yoga and soaking up the sun whenever she gets the chance.

Salma El Garhy

Communications Manager

Salma AKA Jojja is part of our communications team and she represents Tribe Of Nomad's Identity among possible collaborators.

Jojja believes sky is her limit. She is always open for new adventures & experiences which adds the spark to her life.


She studied media & communications which led her to work in various creative fields until she combined her passion with career.


Insight: Jojja loves to dance with the elements of nature. She loves to be out & about, travel , surround herself with good energy, music & fun people."

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