Types of Adventures

Tailored Adventures

ToN Tailored adventures are for a group of travelers who seek cultural, authentic and exploration experiences.

We tailor the itinerary according to the travelers’ preferences. We design all the adventure aspects to allow everyone to explore their interests and get slightly out of their comfort zone.

BEYOND THE BORDERS  International  Adventures

ToN goes beyond the borders to satisfy every travelers' experience around the world.

 This ultimate outdoor experience will give you the chance to check things off of your bucket list through getting in touch with Nature and the earth's most beautiful scenery.

We Impact your vision about life while keeping the adrenaline rush kicking.


Corporate Adventures

ToN’s Corporate adventures help in merging the right setting for employees, creative thinking, communication, and sense of achievement with love for Adventure and fun. We tailor according to the entities objectives locally and internationally.



VolunTourism Adventures

ToN’s  VolunTourism helps travelers to explore new places with a sense of giving back to the community.

ToN gives the chance for travelers to connect with locals, be part of their experience and to leave a positive impact through development acts like Cleanups, restoration acts & all kinds of support convoys.