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what we offer

We bring a wealth of knowledge and practical expertise from their previous experiences with multinational and local organizations such as Redrock, CISV, UNDP, and Orascom.​


 Corporate Off-Site Events

Team Building Adventures

20 - 200+ participants  








Youth Adventures









CSR Adventures

Up to 200+ participants












10 - 30+ participants








Corporate Events

Up to 1000+ participants

This could be a day adventure to Fayoum charged with fun & interactive activities, or a weekend in Bahareya to explore the white dessert and set this year’s goals while you’re at it.

What ToN provides is more  than just  a school trip. We believe in paying it forward, character building and learning by doing. We deliver adventures that leave students with new skills and a stronger bond, all wrapped in an unforgettable experience.

Because we believe that CSR should be at the heart of every organization, we aim to practice what we preach by delivering adventures which aim to give back to the community, connect with the locals and leave a positive impact, through restoration acts, development acts,  cleanups and all kinds of support convoys

There’s no better way to reward your top achievers or management team than taking them island hopping in the red sea on a luxurious boat, giving them a glamping experience they will never forget or flying them to see Lebanon like they’ve never seen it before. 

Customized events for large groups such as conferences, galas, and other special occasions.



Tailored Adventures

Upon request







Beyond The Borders  

Up to 20 travelers (recommended)








Public Adventures 

15-25 travellers

ToN's Tailored adventure is designed for travelers who seek cultural and authentic experiences and want to explore Egypt's hidden gems, each itinerary is designed according to the travelers’ preferences, to make sure that everyone fulfills their interests and get slightly out of their comfort zone.

ToN goes beyond the borders to satisfy every travelers' experience around the world. This ultimate outdoor experience will give you the chance to check things off of your bucket list and get in touch with Nature and Earth's most beautiful scenery.

Your gateway to thrilling global and domestic adventures, curated for the modern explorer. Join us for unforgettable journeys. We Impact your vision about life while keeping the adrenaline rush kicking.

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